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Fix My Back Pain Review

Fix My Back Pain is a new and unique back pain program that allows people to immediately improve the their back pain and  get rid of it.

This means that people no longer have to suffer from back pain which will improve their quality of life and general well-being as a whole.

Fix My Back Pain is an online video instruction and PDF manual that contains everything you need to know and all the secrets to get rid of your back pain in a safe and natural way.

It comes packed with not only exercises but also a list of lifestyle activities that need to be changed without having to search for anything else. fix my back pain review

If you have back pain, you know how different types of back pain there are and how confusing it is to figure out which is the right type of treatment for you.

Going through the health care system you are given prescription after prescription to try in hopes that it will help and no one really gives you any insight that there may actually be a a natural way to treat your back pain.

Back Pain Treatment – The Facts 

If you have low back pain or just any type of back pain, your doctor has probably advised you to make a number of lifestyle changes, as well as prescribe you all sorts of different medications.

Lifestyle changes are indeed necessary, but what about all of these medications?

Each tablet you take will have a range of side effects, and you will need to take more medication to combat all the increasing side effects from all the different medications you are taking.

It is a never ending circle that just doesn’t end in a positive way.

However, by following Fix My Back Pain, you may just be able to drop the medication for good, and repair your back in a healthy and natural way.

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How Fix My Back Pain Works

There are 4 basic principles with Fix My Back Pain:

1.The number one exercise you can do to alleviate an achy back is called a standing back extension.

To perform simply stand up and place your hands on your top of your pelvis.

Next arch backwards and return back to standing.

With each repetition try to go further and further. You feet should be about hip width apart. fix my back pain viscous cycle review

2. Don’t Get Stuck In The Vicious Back Pain Cycle.

You have probably recognize this story.

You have pain in your back, you are told to rest, ice and take pain killers.

The pain doesn’t go away you then see your doctor again who then gives another diagnosis and sends you to physical therapist.

Who then does a variety of treatments which don’t help all that much, then the therapist suggests some stretching and strengthening, which doesn’t help.

You are then referred for an MRI that reveals everything is ok, you are referred back to the physiotherapist and the whole viscous cycle begins again.

This is not what you want or asked for!

3. To get rid of your back pain you need to deal with the problem. The problem in almost all cases of back pain is a shape problem with poor movement patterns over years. Essentially your spine has taken on a different shape that provides no biomechanical advantage anymore. Unhealthy living like sitting in front of a computer changes your spine.

4. Reshaping Your Lower Back Can Actually Be Easy (With the BR3-Method)

This is accomplished first with reshaping the back internally then focusing on reshaping the back externally then looking at injury specific exercises i.e. a disc heriation injury is different then a pelvic injury and requires different programs of repair

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fix my back pain review by Rick KaseljWhat I Like

I love the fact that the program treats and recommends based on natural healthy lifestyle ideas rather than being dependent on pharmaceutical products.

Taking pain killers most often results in the taking of more medication and doesn’t really solve the problem.

The program is very easy to understand and the videos are really easy to follow and implement changes.

The videos are done in such a way that it takes you from one progression to the next so you are always doing everything in sequence and you understand not only why but the how of reshaping your back.

The program has been developed by Rick Kaselj, who is very well know as an injury specialist.

I know Rick Kaselj personally and he has spent many years understanding and developing programs specifically for people that are injured.

In fact it is the only program I trust and recommend to my patients.

He is probably the best person in the world today to direct you in a specific program designed to cure your pain syndrome. You can see his other program here Fix My Shoulder Pain Review

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What we don’t like

There is actually not very much that I don’t like about the program.

Overall it is very well rounded and does a great job at identifying what the probelem is and what to do about it.

The problem with these types of programs is that there are sometimes more work to be done on the  structure then you can find in program as well as much back pain has a lot to do with digestive issues and no one really disucsses how to fix that.

But in this case it doesn’t matter because I have solved those two problems for you. If you buy from my link then you will get 2 bonuses from me

1. My personal email so that I can direct you to the right Chiropractor that can help you in combination with Rick’s program.

The Chiropractor needs to do a technique called Applied Kinesiology and there is not many around and having the right support is extremely important.

2. You need to change your diet and I am going to help you do that.

You will get a copy of my Get Thin For Life Program which tells what you need to eat.

It is an anti inflammatory type of diet that gets the foods out of your body that create inflammation and tells you the foods you need to eat to help get the digestion in balance.

The Verdict

I know a lot about back pain and could probably create a program of my own, but that would be a waste of time because Rick Kaselj has already done that and I don’t need to repeat what is already the most detailed program on the internet to get rid of your back pain.

In combination with my two bonuses you are in perfect hands to finally get your quality of life back, get rid of your back pain and start living your life again.

I recommend wholeheartedly the Fix My Back Pain Program. Based on good old fashioned, common sense knowledge, it offers a lifestyle change for people that is easy to maintain and does not force us to live our lives without enjoying ourselves.

In fact, a large proportion of the program itself is based around helping us feel better and happier, as this reduces stress and thereby our blood pressure.

We believe this program works and that it is absolutely worth using it.


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