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Review of Fix My Knew Pain by Rick Kaselj

I had no idea until Rick told me that almost 36% of all injuries are a result of injuring the knee.

This is most likely because over time we spend more time with our knee bent then straight and a straight knee is the preferred position.

Fix My Knee Pain by Rick Kaselj

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There is also a problem with the proper diagnosis of knee pain.

Most health care practitioners don’t really  have any idea on how to fix knee pain and try a whole bunch of different treatment modalities in hopes that one will work.

More on that viscous cycle later.

The real issue is dealing with the cause of the knee pain and not just with the pain. Most of the treatments for knee pain deal with doing things to help reduce the pain rather then actually looking at the cause of the knee pain.

“Neither Strengthening nor Stretching Will Help You Until The Knee Joint Has Been Reshaped Into a Pain Free Joint.”

This is exactly what I have found with my patients and knee pain that the knee  joint and surrounding areas need to be reshaped.

If you don’t do that you get stuck in the viscious cycle of knee pain

fix my knee pain by Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal

Viscious Cycle of Knee pain


What is really cool is that Rick has figured out a really easy way to reshape the knee joint.

He calls it the Knee Reshaping 3-Part Method or KR3-Method for short.

The KR3-Method involves three different parts.

First he has developed a plan for first internally reshaping the joint.

Then the second part involves building on the internal shaping and going through a process of externally reshaping the outside of the joint.

Then once the internal and external environment of the knee has been reshaped, you begin with a VERY SPECIFIC set of exercises to fix the injured knee.

There are certainly a set of exercises that should be done for most knee injuries, but 40% of the time you need to focus on specific injuries for your type of knee condition and that is what Rick excels at.

Knee reshaping method for fix my knee pain


Rick will show you everything you need to do in the Fix My Knee Pain system.

He will go through the 3-part program in detail using easy to follow videos and instructional guides so you can reshape your knee from a painful joint to a pain free joint.

The only better situation was if Rick and I worked in the same building, but we don’t so I had to find a different solution and can now confidently refer patients to his website to deal with the specific injuries they need to get better.

He has recorded high end videos that take you through is KR3-Method to reshaping the internal and external knee as well as specifics to your knee condition so that you can do the right exercises and get the best results.

Rick is known in the fitness industry as the Exercise Guy for Injuries. This is someone every Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or anyone in the injury rehabilitation field needs to know and refer too.

I get to have the added bonus of having gone to University with him so he is a friend and support him 100% because I have seen his products and know there is no other program that can get your knee pain fixed.

Rick Kaselj Fix my knee pain

Rick Kaselj MS Exercises for Injuries Guy

If you are struggling with your knee pain and frustrated that it is not getting better and you have seen everyone under the sun with no results then stop what you are doing and head over to Fix My Knee Pain and let Rick help you.

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