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Studies Show that Depression is Linked to Vitamin Deficiency

There’s good news for the millions fighting the uphill battle of stress and anxiety.Research has found that a single supplement may help boost mood and reduce stress. And you’ll be surprised by what it is. Even though, as you are about to see it makes perfect sense.

Adding just one daily multivitamin can provide the nutrients that help with depression and stress.

Adding just one daily multivitamin can provide the nutrients that help with depression and stress.

Studies Show Depression is Linked to Vitamin Deficiency

In one study, Australian researchers gave men aged 50-69 this supplement or a placebo for eight weeks. Using the Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Scale (DASS), researchers analyzed symptoms. The men who took the supplement had reduced symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. They also showed improvement in alertness and general daily functioning.

A study from the UK confirms the results.

Men who took this supplement for 28 days had a significant reduction in anxiety and stress. They also had more energy. Keep in mind, prescription meds take at least that long to kick in. Sometimes you won’t even feel the full effects for a few months.

So what is this simple supplement that fights depresssion and anxiety? A multivitamin!

People who are lacking certain essential vitamins and nutrients may experience a variety of symptoms. Vitamins B, D, and C deficiencies can lead to fatigue, chronic stress, and anxiety, while a mineral deficiency of magnesium can cause confusion and agitation. Calcium and zinc deficiencies are linked to feelings of paranoia and even nervousness and depression. So really, it’s no surprise that a multivitamin can help with depression and improving mood and brain function.

Experts say that some stress is good for us. It helps us stay more alert and provides stimulus for overcoming obstacles, but daily stressors can leave you in physical and emotional pain, eventually becoming a serious health condition. Stress depletes the body of the very nutrients needed to control it.7 Bottom line: when you’re under more stress than usual, take a multivitamin.

Of course doctors are quick to hand out scripts, that’s what they usually do, but taking an antidepressant will not replenish the essential nutrients your body may be lacking. Do not think that a multivitamin can replace a healthy diet either, it doesn’t. A well balanced diet is the best place to start.

A multivitamin can’t replace a healthy diet. But a good one can help give you the extra supplementation you may need.

When choosing a multivitamin always read the label to make sure it’s high-quality. Make sure you are getting the exact vitamins and minerals you need. At the right levels. And check that it’s 100% organic. If you buy supplements from a health food store, it may cost you a little more than the big company brands but it is worth it.

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